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The future of online payments is growing exponentially and FinTech valuations are increasing at the highest rate we have ever seen in the history of the world.

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*investment open to accredited investors only

Some Companies we’ve Invested In

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And 35 other companies, many of which are household names…

But what about you?

Why Invest in ProfitPay

ProfitPay has already taken the risk out of the investment with a 1.1 Billion Dollar valuation. With executed billion dollar contracts and multi-million dollar marketplaces signing up on a weekly basis our projections and valuation increases exponentially by the day.

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Companies that Trust Us

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• Payment Gateway
• Card Issuing Platform
• PCI Compliance
• Payments infrastructure
• Marketplace Enablement

Patents in Card Issuing

Several patents focused on empowering brands and profitability. Making Cashback on any transaction and providing incentives through cards instead of discounts at the registers.


In the next few months we are executing contracts with some of the largest internet companies in the world and ProfitPay's $1.1 Billion becomes over $3 Billion!

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In the News


Fintech News - ProfitPay Technologies Acquires PayCertify Platform

Solidifies a Leading Position in Nevada, the new center for Silicon Valley technology companies Industry Powerhouse - Combined Entities valuation close to 1 billion Unlocks a Fintech Marketplace and Global card issuing capabilities in 22 currencies

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Our Team

ProfitPay Profile Picture - Chase Harmer S

Chase Harmer
CEO and Founder

As the Chief Executive Officer, Chase Harmer is the visionary and true north at ProfitPay. Having started in banking at the age of 19, Chase has built portfolios processing billions globally and created several patents through his two decades of experience. ProfitPay, founded back in 2014, has been focused on the future of our digital economy while creating more value for merchants through innovation. This mindset has inspired truly unique market differentiators, enabling new profit centers for e-commerce merchants, online travel providers and marketplaces of scale.

ProfitPay Profile Picture - Brian Reyes S

Brian Reyes

Brian is an Emmy award winning creative with 25+ years experience in all things audio, photography and video. His executive experience includes founding successful multinational startup companies as well as marketing and growth initiatives for corporations such as Fox Television and BMW. Brian is committed to disrupting the FinTech industry as a part of the ProfitPay team.

ProfitPay Profile Picture - Sofia Diaz S

Sofia Diaz
VP of Operations

Sofia is a seasoned and recognized strategist who has worked with multinational companies and startups, including her own, to innovate and develop revenue-generating products, execute diverse projects, and establish procedures to increase productivity she has experience in the US, UK and LatAm and has worked with companies like Ricoh and Porter Novelli. Sofia now brings this wealth of knowledge to ProfitPay to help them scale.

ProfitPay Profile Picture - Jeniffer Trouche S

Jeniffer Troche
Financial Specialist

Jeniffer has been using her excellent organizational and communication skills to enhance daily operations at multiple start-up's and businesses.  She is skilled in customer services communications, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable, Supervised numerous accounting conversion projects, along with assisting the CFO with Administrative support and Financial Reporting for Capital Raise.

ProfitPay Profile Picture - David Trott S

David Trott
Head of Engineering

David is a full stack engineer with over 20 years of progressive experience encompassing multiple IT disciplines, including systems architecture, application design and development, data ingestion, QA automation, build and release automation. His experience spans multiple industry sectors such as, internationalization tools, enterprise resource planning, SaaS marketplace for discrete manufacturing, online publishing (automotive), online ticket sales, game development, casino floor automation, healthcare and micro-mobility.

ProfitPay Profile Picture - Brian Perin Skinny S

Brian Perin
Head of Wallet

Brian is an experienced entrepreneur and creative backend engineer with 15 years of experience in Saas platforms. Brian’s expertise lies in ridesharing, carsharing, autonomous vehicles, social media, and cryptocurrency. He saw the potential in the FinTech sector and will be instrumental in taking ProfitPay to the next level with innovating it’s Digital Wallet Technologies and Marketplaces.

ProfitPay Profile Picture - Andres Gaitan S

Andres Gaitan
Art Director

Dynamic and innovative professional with 15+ years of hands-on experience in handling several simultaneous creative design projects, concept creation, graphic design, motion graphics and visual conceptualization. Passionate about web & UX/UI design. He has worked for companies like Ogilvy, Audi, McDonald’s, and Bayer among others. Andres is bringing his creative vision to ProfitPay.




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What is ProfitPay?

We Make Internet Companies More Money.

ProfitPay is a technology platform that helps connect buyers and sellers. For years, ProfitPay has been helping companies increase their revenues by providing Online and Mobile solutions.
It’s a WIN/WIN scenario for both consumers and merchants, who make more profit.

Our Products

PP-products-1000x1000 vcc

Virtual Cards

Take control of your money and turn cost into profit! With ProfitPay’s Virtual Cards you get Unlimited Cashback on every transaction.

Payment Processing

We are here to help you scale faster: No setup fees. No hidden fees. No contracts.
Merchant accounts allow customers to pay with their preferred payment method. Increase conversion rates by providing a frictionless check-out experience all across the globe.

PP-products-1000x1000 pp
PP-products-1000x1000 security

Security Suite

Built-in Fraud Protection. Our Built-In-Security Suite protects your business from the most common threats through multiple strategies so you can maximize your revenue while keeping fraudsters away.


With ProfitPay’s set of Easy-to-Use APIs and All-In-One Platform you will be able to facilitate payments IN and payments OUT in a matter of seconds across the globe in over 22 currencies.

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